Jim and Sharon Heneveld

Jim grew up on a farm just outside of Holland, MI.  Sharon (from WA) and Jim got married in 1964.  They have 4 children (and 2 “sons” in Chiapas).  Jim’s degree is in Mechanical Engineering, but after working a year and a half in that field, the Lord, via the Reformed Church in American, sent the couple to Chiapas, Mexico to work with the Tzeltals, a Mayan people.  They spent a total of 23 great years there, teaching and developing literature in their language.  However, after 10 years, because of health problems, they had to return to the US– a very painful thing to bear.  They stayed in the States for 17 years, during which time Jim went to seminary and pastored a congregation in Ellsworth, MI.  In ’94 Jim and Sharon returned to Chiapas for 13 more years, during which time Jim and 3 Tzeltal pastors  translated the Bible into the Tzeltal language.  Both taught classes at the Bible School.  Sharon has/had an active prison ministry.  Upon retiring in 2007, the Hebron USA board asked Jim to join them.

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