Carolyn Vogel

vogel  I am a nurse.   I am employed at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, located in Zion, Illinois (North of Chicago).  We treat patients for cancer, in a Holistic manner, believing that patients need not only physical/medical care, but mental and spiritual support during their cancer journey.  This philosophy is also apparent in the mission of Hebron USA.  We believe that it is our duty and privilege to bring the Good News of Jesus to our patients in Chiapas, Mexico, while providing medical care.   I met Pastor Pablo and the medical travelers from North Carolina about 10 years ago.  I have made many journeys since, to serve the Indigenous people of Chiapas, and have watched  with joy the development of Las Manos de Cristo, the clinic we now work in.  I hope to continue to spend more time on the Mission Field, and serve on the Board when at home.   I am Mom to 3 lovely daughters, Mom-in-law to 3 wonderful sons-in-law, and Grandma to 4 lively grandchildren!

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