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Welcome Dr. Daisy and Nurse Carlos

Clinica Tzteal Las Manos de Christo is pleased to announce the addition of two new Tzeltal medical providers at the clinic for 2020. They are both local residents and bilingual. (Tzeltal And Spanish) Deyza Gomez Lopez, M.C.  (Médico Cirujana).  Medical/Surgeon.

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An Update on Chiapas…

As I write this article for the newsletter, John Newell and I have just returned from two wonderful weeks of service at the Las Manos de Cristo medical clinic in Chiapas, Mexico where a dedicated team of folks saw over

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Video From Summer 2018

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February Medical Trip to Ocosingo

 Medical caravans are scheduled to the Clinica Tzeltal Manos de Cristo clinic in Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico, in February 2019. Week one will be 2 February 2019 through 10 February; Week two will be  9 February through 17 February 2019.  Cost

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The Hebron USA summer mission season is just around the corner. We are excited to be hosting six summer mission teams in Chiapas in 2018 to work and among the Tzeltal-speaking Presbyterians of the Tzeltal Synod. We partner with Hebrón

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  Medical caravans are scheduled to the Clinica Tzeltal Manos de Cristo clinic in Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico, in late January and February 2018. Week one will be 27 January 2018 through 4 February; Week two will be  3 February through

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Meet Dr. Gustavo! He’s the new doctor at the clinic, Manos de Cristo, in Ocosingo!

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Coming Summer 2017…

The 2017 mission season kicks off with the arrival of three groups in March! On March 11th a group of American physicians, nurses and lay people organized by First Presbyterian of Hickory arrive in Ocosingo to conduct a week long

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Join with us in congratulating Sara and Elias on welcoming their new daughter, Ana Paula, who was born right before Christmas!

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