Welcome Dr. Daisy and Nurse Carlos

Clinica Tzteal Las Manos de Christo is pleased to announce the addition of two new Tzeltal medical providers at the clinic for 2020. They are both local residents and bilingual. (Tzeltal And Spanish)

Deyza Gomez Lopez, M.C.  (Médico Cirujana).  Medical/Surgeon.

Dr. Daisy is a recent medical school graduate (2017) and completed internships and residence in Vera Cruz.

She is excited to be working with us at Las Manos de Cristo.  She sees this as an opportunity to learn and grow in her profession and serve the needy people of the area.

Carlos Alexander Lopez Gomez, E.F (enfermero/ nurse) Carlos graduated last year from nursing school in Tuxtla and lives locally. He has pharmacy experience and added immediately to that area of operation at the clinic.

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