An Update on Chiapas…

As I write this article for the newsletter, John Newell and I have just returned from two wonderful weeks of service at the Las Manos de Cristo medical clinic in Chiapas, Mexico where a dedicated team of folks saw over 1300 patients with a wide range of problems.

For over 20 years, members of First Pres Boone have traveled to serve and been heavily involved with both the initial funding, construction, and ongoing support of the clinic, as well as construction trips to remote villages, and the Alpha and Omega Bible School.  We have done this in partnership with other churches from Salem Presbytery and across the US, joining with the Presbyterian church in Chiapas in doing the Lord’s work. A new construction project involving the building of a mission church in Ocosingo will offer additional opportunities for our members to work there this year.

You will hear more during this Lenten season about the clinic, the water filter distribution project, lay pastor education, the Radio Ministry, and other parts of the ministry led by Pastor Pablo and his wife Jan.  We are thankful for your continued prayers and financial support. We look forward to the opportunity to keep you informed about the important work being done there.

Bill Herring

Hebron Board Member

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