The Hebron USA summer mission season is just around the corner. We are excited to be hosting six summer mission teams in Chiapas in 2018 to work and among the Tzeltal-speaking Presbyterians of the Tzeltal Synod. We partner with Hebrón de Desarrollo Tzeltal to identify projects that are proposed by the Synod or village churches and to provide a rich and spiritual mission experience.

The summer kicks off with a medical mission team from Second Presbyterian Church in Bloomington, Illinois, which will provide primary medical care at Manos de Cristo in Ocosingo, the medical clinic constructed with funding from American Christians and with volunteer labor from the Tzeltal Synod and the United States. Our first construction group will be a combined team from two churches in Pennsylvania, John McMillan Presbyterian Church and Warren Presbyterian Church, the latter church working for the first time in Chiapas.  This team will be working on the manse/education building in the village of Jol Sacjun. A team from Salem Presbytery in North Carolina will follow to work in Chaban, a new village for Hebron USA. This group will also be working on an education building for the church.

July begins with a team from First Presbyterian Church Virginia Beach, Virginia that returns to Ch’ixtontic, where Hebron has spent five weeks working during prior summers, as the church continues construction on its sanctuary/church plant expansion. We will welcome another new church to Chiapas when First Presbyterian Church Charleston, West Virginia sends a team of Christian Educators to conduct education seminars for Tzeltal Christian Educators in several villages. Our final group is from First Presbyterian Church Boone, North Carolina. The Boone team will work in Yaxoquintela where construction of a Maya Presbytery Youth Retreat and Conference Center is ongoing.

Once again this summer, Board of Directors member Randy DuVall, former president of Hebron USA, will serve as mission coordinator and work with all of the mission groups. This will be his tenth year serving in that capacity during the summer months.

Hebron USA encourages churches to seriously consider sending a mission team to Chiapas in 2019. To discuss doing so, contact Randy beginning in September.

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