Medical caravans are scheduled for Chiapas, Mexico, for October 2017. Week one will be 30 September 2017 through 8 October; Week two is 7 October through 15 October. These two weeks will be to a village.

  Medical caravans are scheduled to the Clinica Tzeltal Manos de Cristo clinic in Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico, in late January and February 2018. Week one will be 27 January 2018 through 4 February; Week two will be  3 February through 11 February 2018. 

Cost will be $500/week plus airline cost. Medical care provided will be Primary Care. Participants needed are physicians, nurses willing to evaluate patients, PAs, Nurse Practitioners, Spanish translators and non-medical worker bees.

    Deadline for October trips-15 August; For January/February-1 December.

    Contact Bill Herring,MD



Download Information Packet

Download Application

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