Coming Summer 2017…

The 2017 mission season kicks off with the arrival of three groups in March!


On March 11th a group of American physicians, nurses and lay people organized by First Presbyterian of Hickory arrive in Ocosingo to conduct a week long medical clinic. The following Saturday a second group of physicians, nurses and lay people arrive in Ocosingo for a second week of primary medical care under the auspices of Salem Presbytery. Board of Directors’ members Dr. William Herring, Penny Musson, Dennis Stamper, Carolyn Vogel and President Randy DuVall will participate on these medical trips. The groups will work at Dispensario Tzeltal Manos de Cristo in Ocosingo (pictured above).

12823361_460738360781608_8707237323891918775_oOn March 25th a group of Christian Educators sponsored by Second Presbyterian of Bloomington will begin a week of Christian Education instruction for Tzeltal Sunday School and Compassion International teachers. The seminars will be conducted in Ocosingo and two outlying villages. The provision of primary medical care and the education of Tzeltal church leaders are continuing core ministries of Hebron USA.

The summer mission season begins on June 24th when a team from Salem Presbytery begins work. A week later a group from First Presbyterian of Virginia Beach will be down. Later in July, two teams from the Pittsburgh area will work in Chiapas. Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community returns to Chiapas and is followed a week later by a group from John McMillan Presbyterian Church.  All summer groups will work in and live in a Tzeltal village where they will engage in construction with the men of the church, conduct Bible School and live with the members of the village Presbyterian church. Finally, in late August Second Presbyterian Church of Bloomington, Illinois will conduct a one-week medical clinic providing primary medical care from Dispensario Tzeltal Manos de Cristo. Hebron USA has been organizing and facilitating cross-cultural mission trips to Chiapas for many years in conjunction with the Tzeltal Synod and our sister organization Hebrón de Desarrollo Tzeltal.

We still have an available mission group week running from July 22-30. If your church is interested in discussing sending a team to Chiapas during this week, please contact President Randy DuVall at 757-672- 1797.

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